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I really need to finish this project amongst many others.  My life seems to be clogging up with unfinished projects and good intentions.  This kind of behaviour can cause stress, especially when you see the clutter of materials collected and still no changes made.  I envisioned my daughter’s bedroom transformed with 3 simple changes but after a whole summer…nothing.

I suppose I can blame it on gardening, working, and road trips but alas…that is wearing thin.  Today I make the duvet cover.

So what I have done so far is purchased a queen sized sheet from a thrift store.  I will then sew it to another same sized sheet, and leave an opening for the duvet to go in with velcro pieces to close it up.  Simple yet an annoying task with a messy house.  I’m up at 5 am right now to get cleaning so I can start by 8.

photo 1-7So these are the two sheets.  The purple is for the bottom.

photo 2-5I sew them together now with right sides facing in.

Because the sheets were not completely the same size I had to get creative and adjust but as you can see after an hour, Maggie has a new duvet cover.

photo 3-4I still have to tweak it a bit but the job is 90%.  I am content for now.


So my friend Sarah mentioned to me “hey let’s enter the Wearable Arts Show!” I said ok.

I got busy saving plastic film, wrap, foil, and used plastic bags.  I developed a way of making snippets and nesting them into colours.  I then ironed them between waxed paper and voila… splendid sparkly snowflakes of all colours.

photo 1photo 5photo 4

So then I cut the new plastic material into triangles and machine sewed them onto an old wedding dress.  I know I make it sound so simple but believe me..tedious.  Plus I made a lot of mistakes but eventually found the style and method I wanted.  Here is a picture of the 1

Under 2

And finally on 3

Fruits of The Earth by Blanche Pownall Garrett, 1972.

Fruits of The Earth by Blanche Pownall Garrett, 1972.


Not all quite ripe, they have however, exposed themselves.  Miniature clusters of blackish purple grapes alongside their green, yet eager, bedfellows are somewhat ready for the picking.  Well my Husband did just that.  He picked enough in a blue bin that we got exactly 3 quarts.  I found an old recipe in a book my Father owned in the 70s.  I liked the look of it.  Simple, yet well researched, unlike some of the internet instructions.  The author basically acknowledges that if grapes, or any fruit, were to be fermented, you would not need anything, but he adds some simple things to make the process nicer and with a more palatable result.  I just can’t wait.  They’ve been in a pail under a tea towel for 2 days now.  In 6, we add the sugar and bottle in 4 months.  Just in time for the Yuletide and Christmas Holidays.

Sounds a bit contradictory but here is what I see.  It is raining, a light drizzle.  The sky is a solid light gray… yet the leaves are brilliant reds, oranges, and rusty yellows.  The moss is brilliant in shades of chartruese, lime, and emerald.  So dull yet so bright.

A great day for cooking and making fun teas.  This morning, because I’m off coffee for a while, I made my burdock and dandelion root beverage in brown rice milk.  I did this on the stove, whisking and never letting get to the boiling point.  This keeps the nutrients in.  One drop of Stevia and it was delicious.  Just what I needed;  something robust and full of character but mellow and comforting.

Today is just full of contradictions.