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I’ve been saving plastic bags, wrappers and other forms of film for years.  My family has always wondered what I’m ever going to do with this collection.  I think they fear I may be borderline hoarder, which perhaps, I am…. but then I make things out of of the hoard.

This is the kind of stuff I do when I’m not in my garden or searching for wild goods.  It’s been rainy lately so …out comes my inner thimble.

fabric scraps plastic film scrapsSo basically, I made a rough template for the purse.  It’s just a rectangle with a rounded corner.  I fused the plastic together with an iron and newsprint and cloth over top. Parchment paper is the best thing but I was all out so these were a good alternative. I pieced plastic and cloth together with my sewing machine and then attached sturdy plastic film to that.  I used two milk bags…the clear ones that hold the actual milk.  I never throw those things out.  They are great for storing food, freezing hamburger and chicken breasts, sandwiches, travelling (washcloths, toothbrushes etc.) Anyway, I finished the edges and folded the bag together and voila! A funky little bag for lunches, makeup, photos, whatever you want.  I gave it to my 14 year old daughter Maggie who is a budding artist and can appreciate it.  It’s kind of rough and needs a clasp or big button but I can do that later.  I didn’t use up all the plastic so be ready for another project in the future.

plastic fusion handbag back of hand bag


I love Autumn.  I love the colours, the fresh smell in the air, the wind, the darkening sky, and of course the comfort of food.  I’ve been bringing in squash and making lots of soups and casseroles but forgot about the 12 pound turkey and now I have to do something with it or it will go bad.  So today is an experiment and hopefully a delicious one.

Instead of just cooking it, which I have not always been successful at, I am utilizing it.  I have all the dark meat in a crock pot, have roasted the bones and carcass with onions, herbs, carrots, and celeriac, and have the breast and skin in a weak brine in the fridge ready for stuffing it with the pulled, and seasoned dark meat.

photo-13chopped pulled turkeybutterfly then poundSo here you can see the butterflied breast that I pounded out.

stuffed turkey breast I then rolled the dark meat inside the pounded out breast and placed the skin tightly over the roll.  Because skin shrinks when cooking, I put some stale bread slices around the whole thing to keep moisture in.  Homemade garlic oil was drizzled over as well as rosemary, sage, salt and pepper.  Should be amazing.